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Lonnie Weaver-Johnson

Lonnie Weaver-Johnson

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST®), Mentor/Coach

She last ten years have been dedicated to leading groups through their agile transformations. Lonnie is a Certified Scrum Trainer through the Scrum Alliance and has taught classes and coached organizations around the globe. Lonnie was an early adopter of Scrum with offshore teams and has traveled internationally to aid organizations in their understanding of what it takes to be effective. She’s worked with small start up organizations and fortune 500 companies.

Despite Lonnie’s 25+ years in IT, she actually started her career in a corporate training environment. Lonnie is an excellent facilitator with a Communications Degree and, as a former President in the Toastmaster’s organization; she has mentored many other professionals in the area of communications. She has worked in a variety of areas that include corporate trainer, process improvement, business analysis, and IT management. The last seven years she’s been an agile consultant focusing on developing people and organizations so that they can reap the benefits of an agile culture.

Lonnie has coached and trained individuals through workshops, one-on- one, and in small group settings. Lonnie thrives on developing people and organizations and that shines through in her interactive classes and coaching sessions. When not in the classroom Lonnie works to get dogs out of the local shelters and into foster home. Her favorite hash tag is #adoptdontshop

Course outline

Course Outline 

Beginning with the history of agile development and moving through the disciplines promoted by Scrum, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum methodology while specifically reviewing the behaviors expected of a ScrumMaster.


Agile Thinking 

In order for us to understand the benefits of Scrum and the nuances behind its framework, we begin with the history of agile methods and how relatively new thoughts in software development have brought us to Scrum.


The ScrumMaster Explored

It’s easy to read about the role of the ScrumMaster and gain a better understanding of their responsibilities. The difficulty comes in the actual implementation. Being a ScrumMaster is a hard job, and we’ll talk about the characteristics of a good ScrumMaster that go beyond the overly simplistic and incorrect comparison to a project manager 


Scrum Roles

Who are the different players in the Scrum game? Understanding roles and responsibilities are key to transforming project management into product delivery


The Scrum Team Explored

Since the ScrumMaster is looking to protect the productivity of the team, we must investigate team behaviors so we can be prepared for the various behaviors exhibited by teams of different compositions. We’ll also take a look at some Scrum Team variants.

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